What Started As A Hobby Turned Into A Career…

It all started at a local pizza joint during a time when all I had was “just a job” which turned out to be a pivotal experience for my career. Back in 2009, I had no idea that the stuff I was doing on social media could one day be my full-time income which was one of my most costly mistakes.

Starting in 2012 and for the following 3-years, I chased profits over passion. I went to school to get a job that was not made for me and caused me to go through one of my most unhealthy phases of my life (I weighed nearly 200lbs at one point).

After getting laid off, I started to workout, lost all of those extra pounds and became a Personal Trainer because I wanted to help other people who lived a similar lifestyle filled with a lack of exercise and an excess of fast food. Being a Personal Trainer was the first time in my career that I didn’t dread going to work on Monday morning. As much fulfillment that I got from being a Personal Trainer and transforming peoples lives, there was still something missing.

My “aha” moment was when I realized I got more enjoyment out of the Marketing and Sales tasks that needed to be done to get clients. This was the beginning of my career in marketing.

Fast forward to today, I have had to opportunity to work with an AI Job Search Engine, one of Calgary’s greatest tech success story, a Top 50 Managed Service Provider, and many other incredibly innovative organizations.

Over the years of connecting with other entrepreneurs and business owners, I realized there was a real problem with the current state of marketing.