I Automate and Build things for Successful Go-to-Market Teams 🚀

Fun fact: The average enterprise uses 120 different tools in their Marketing Tech Stack1.

Knowing what, when, and how to use all the tools available for marketing (and sales) teams is an essential function that is required to build scalable and efficient operations.

Here are some of the common problems (headaches?) that I solve:

  • Identify your most (and least) profitable sales and marketing channels.

  • Build out scalable and predictable funnels for marketing and sales.

  • Ensure data is flowing between all of your systems to avoid confusion and discrepancy between teams.

But how do you do that? 🤷

If you're scratching your head and wondering "how do you do that?" Good news, you've likely heard of at least one of the following tools:

  • Salesforce

  • Hubspot

  • Pardot

We make the most out of your existing tech stack and the big difference between your typical user and someone in marketing operations (For example, Me 😀): Your tech stack is the primary focus.

Who Am I?

Over a decade ago, I started my journey into the world of sales and marketing for a digital-first generation.

From Google and Facebook Ads to Cold-Calling (I had a brief stint as a full-time salesperson for both my own business and another organization), I've been fortunate enough to get to work alongside and learn from some very talented people at companies like Hitachi and Kudos®.

Fast forward to today, I optimize and manage the tools that Revenue-generating teams use to scale operations, make data-driven decisions, and improve cross-departmental collaboration with SaaScend; a North American RevOps agency.

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Written by Allan L.